Customer Service
Customer Service
How to improve Customer Service?

Customer service is one of the most vital and essential department’s in any business organization. You must have a customer service personal if you sell or provide any type of service. Even though you might assume that you have a great product that doesn’t have any failures, you might be wrong. Real life examples show that companies with great products and services have a very well trained customer support personal. Every product or service is destined to fail once in a while, and it’s not always due to product/ service infringement. There are numerous reasons for product/service failures in addition to customers having different questions about billing, shipping, term of use and etc. Customers might not call in regards to product technical issues but rather to find out how something works or to deal with issues such as when they think something is broken but it was actually misused.

Customer service is a vital resource of customer satisfaction! You have to think about it not in terms of the department which deals with problems but rather as the department who’s initial job is to satisfy customer’s needs and wants with the benefit to both them and your company. Ability to provide professional customer service is a very hard job, as the personal has to be very well trained and must have a support from all other department of the company. Every other department has to provide key terms and resources to provide customer service with things they require. Good customer service must be aware of all things listed below:

·         Current promotions and discounts
·         Company policies and code of conduct
·         Return policies
·         Product process
·         Most common technical issues
·         Customer satisfaction techniques

The list can go on and on. The main skills that every customer service employee must have are a good attitude and a will to help buyers/users in their difficulties.  It is essential for any customer representative to be very polite and to have a control over him/herself when engaged in the conversation with the customer.  Customer must feel that the company cares about him or her even after the buying of the product. Being transparent and deliver excellent customer service after the product is sold is the key to having a success in the business. Many companies forget about the post buying process and post buying promises. One of the promises that every company makes unintentionally, is that once the transaction is complete and the product appears in the hands of customer, the seller must have an interest in the customer in helping out on learning or providing customer care. Buyers don’t want to be left alone after the purchase has been made. If there is something that worries the customer, they must have support from the manufacturer or the supplier.

Be nice and patient to your customers as they are the reason behind your existence, without them there won’t be you.

Business Name
Selecting Business Name
5 Tips on Selecting Business Name

At Business Blog we always strive to make the most use out of your read, every week we come up with 5 Tips of the Week to give you a little support on how to do different things. We try to find suitable topics to satisfy the need of several audiences at once, business owners who’ve been in the business for quite a while, people who are just about to open, marketers, analysts and researchers. Every week we have something different for you, it creates a great experience for us to find something suitable and interesting and for you to pick up new tips and trick.

This week we’ve decided to post 5 Tips on Selecting a Business Name, those techniques are not only made for selecting the business name, you can apply them to any creative name or brand name development.

Here we go, 5 Tips for Selecting Business Name:

1. Don’t make it too complicated or too long! Complicated or long names are not recognized as user friendly and are very easy to skip and forget. You need something short, nice and memorable.

2. Make it relative to your business, practice or tool. You have to make the name relative to what you do. Customer or users in general have to make the connection between what you are naming and the actual business, tool or product.

3. For any future purposes, such as growth, brand development, and etc. you have to make sure that the name can be trademarked and is available for you. This move will secure you from battling in the future with the competition or anyone else who will want to take the name.

4. When creating name think of the internet. When developing a name remember that internet has a very big and significant role in our lives now, especially in the business life. Therefore, make your business name so that it can stand out and make sense about the product so that when someone sees it on the internet in search such as Google or Bing they can easily be reminded about the product.

5. Make the name clean, quick and memorable! This is your only mission when it comes to creating a name for your business.

We truly believe that those techniques will help you select the best appropriate name for your business, service, product, website or any other entity of yours.

Identifying new leads and opportunities

Every business is determined to live upon finding new leads and opportunities and converting them into customers. Without customers and sales there is not business. Business can only be successful if all sales cycles are met and the customer is willing to buy service or product. Depending on the business you might have different challenges with one remaining constant throughout all organizations striving to get more sales through acquiring new lead and generating new customers. Generating new customers is somewhat challenging especially at the beginning stage of business. When you are in the early stages of business it is hard for you to get a constant customer flow and big numbers of sales, but don’t worry it’s almost the same for everybody. At the early stages when you don’t know many tricks and pitfalls you are destined to make business mistakes. It is better to do them now with lower amount and lower risks then when you have big sums and big deals.

Now, let’s come closer to identifying how to get new leads and where to find new opportunities.

First of all, let’s not forget about the oldest way of unintentional marketing that is transferred by your customers – word-of-mouth. It is the oldest and probably one of the most influential forms of “marketing” that the world knows. Each customer’s reference is a powerful tool and has a very high chance of converting into a sale. People trust each other and share information. Therefore, if your product is good and reliable be ready for some customer references. However, to be successful in word-of-mouth you have to be sure that you have a good solid product or service; otherwise people will be sharing their negative experience with their friends!

Second, there are many and many business/professional directories where you can find business names including contact information such as phone and emails, or at least you can get the name of the person or persons you want to reach. Having a name of the person your contact is critical. You can always find out extra information such as email or phone number from contacting the firm directly and talking to the reception and telling them that you’d like to send something to Mr. or Ms. so and so but don’t have their email. One of good business directories is Jigsaw. Certain information is free such as: name, position and title; however the information that you need the most such as email and telephone number is paid.

Third, traditional forms of marketing. For a very long time marketing played a very important role in any business, its primer role is to create awareness, attract customers and communicate with them through the means of marketing messages. If this is applicable to your business you should be trying traditional newspaper and magazine advertising, billboards, direct mail, radio ads (if the budget allows you) and other forms of traditional marketing.

Fourth, online forms of marketing. With the internet expansions there are many different forms of marketing that you can engage yourself into, they range from email marketing, banner advertising, paid targeted websites ads, Pay-per-click by Google and Bing, SEO (search engine optimization), affiliate programs with other websites and other types that would suite your business.

All those sources should work cohesively to create a good funnel and a fresh flow of leads and opportunities for your prospect to customer conversion.

Business Opportunity
Business Opportunity
Finding new Business Opportunities

Every business has a potential growth limit. There are always different constrains and business development failures, including team members leaving, not enough budget, new laws and so on. For a successful business growth there always has to be a good push from your team to achieve goals, if not the business might be failing and not getting needed results. However, sometimes it is hard to identify what is needed and how to progress in the stage of maturity. But there are several different things you as a business owner or management team can do to increase productivity and continue business growth.

Tips to prolong business growth:

One of good tactics is to hire young graduates or young professionals. They are more open minded and will have a fresh look at things you do in your daily business. They can advise you on what you might change to achieve better results or they might show new better ways of achieving same results while using fewer resources.

Recreate your business plan. Recreating your business plan is a good tactic in defining new goals and establishing new achievement. Also, creating new business plan will point you out to things that you are not doing well right now and will lead you to tasks you do good. Successfully developed business plan will define and outline aspects of your achievements and should showcase new methods of achieving targets.

Increase sales team and enhance sales techniques. If you realise that your sales team is doing a good job and they do bring business but are constrained with time, you might start thinking about employee new sales team members. It should increase sales cycle and add new opportunities to the business. Also, you must enhance your sales team with news sales techniques to better develop your business department to make sure they operate efficiently. Knowledge always provides more power and creates new options. By providing sales training to your team you are increasing your chances of business growth. One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to invest into your sales force and see them leaving your company with more experience and knowledge. You have to negotiate a deal that by providing them with training they are obligated to guarantee to bring X amount of sales or stay for a specific time period with your company.

Check for competition. You should always stay on top of what your competition does. You have to be aware of their new techniques, business development and marketing efforts. It will outline their achievements or failures and will give a better opportunity to prepare yourself while creating better competitive advantage.

Creating new business opportunities is somewhat challenging but is very exciting and rewarding, it will bring you new leads and business. Don’t be afraid to try out new thing and execute method that don’t work; it is always trial and error.

Good luck in your business development projects!

Online Business
Online Business and E-commerce
5 Tips for Powerful Online Business and Online Selling

Business Blog is keen to providing you with the best reading and learning experience. We do our best to provide you with the most useful and filtered information for you to spend less time on  going through the material and more time on actually extracting all the needed information. We do understand that in the busy business life you don’t get much time to spend on information that does not bring any benefit. Therefore, every week we update of 5 Tips section to help you learn and develop your skills.

This week we’ve decided to spend some time on sharing some tips on online business and sales. Let’s start with 5 Tips for Powerful Online Business and Online Selling:

1. Introduce your business to the prospect or buyer. In order for someone to buy from you or do business with you they need some history. Provide them with several important tips about your achievements in the industry, years in business, products, your overall mission and vision. Many businesses suffer from not realizing that people need to know you before doing business with you. If the prospect does not know how long you’ve been selling online or doesn’t see obvious signs that you can be trusted most likely he won’t convert into a buyer.

2. Use social media! Social media becoming more important in the customer service and customer interaction than any other source; customers can contact you and have conversations with you at the time and location convenient for them. It is a very important channel of picking up new customers as well. A well deployed social media channel is very likely to bring you new customers and keep connected with old. The more friends and likes you have the more you can appear on the pages of your customers which in its turn will bring you more exposure. One thing to keep in mind is that all social channels have to be updated on a regular bases, you might not have time to update it every day but it has to show a sign that someone is taking care of the account and it’s posts not dated one month old.

3. Check on competition. It is your task to keep up with the competition and to scan through what they do. The suggestion is very simple learn of what they do and do it better! All developments can be enhanced and developed better than what is available now on the market.

4. Update your technology. Make sure that whatever you use is up to date and in a good condition. For example if you use software for your e-commerce make sure you bought all the necessary upgrades and licences, same goes with computers, servers and any other important tools for your business.

5. Deliver more! Your customers are important to you, therefore deliver more then you actually can. It is your responsibility to make ever customer happy. Of course there are situations where it is not possible but still try to do your best not to do just a minimum job, do more and you’ll see the benefits.

We hope our tips on online business and online selling (e-commerce) helped you to increase your knowledge. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us or leave a comment.

Thank you!

Customer Service
Customer Service
Customer Service and Customer Support

We’ve decided to spend some time going over the importance of a good customer service. Many businesses succeed because they have a good customer support and many businesses fail without a proper attention to the customer after the product was sold. Customer support is a critical must have department that every organization must have at the highest level. It is well known that products or services fail once in a while and the first thing every customer will do is they will try contacting your customer service desk. In many situations even though the product has failed, they will be satisfied with a pleasant experience from a well-trained and professional customer service representative. In addition, you’ll be saving a customer for your future interactions.

Invest into customer service training

As a business owner or manager it is your responsibility to make sure that your customer service department is well trained and knowledgeable on how to solve different cases and on how to work with different customers and their character. A well trained customer service should be able to handle multiple customer tempers in order to resolve the situation or customer’s disappointment. A timely solved case can save you lots of time and resources, as you’ll be spending less time on communication, it will drastically decrease the amount of time that needs to be spent on the case which will decrease an overall cost. Also, there are hidden benefits of resolving customer’s case quicker, for example: the faster you’ll resolve it, the lesser customer has to worry and the happier he/she will be when receiving the product.

It is know that bad customer service results in customer cancelling contract, less freewill to upgrade to new products and more bad word-of-mouth. Not being able to solve customer’s case is a very bad sign for the overall company. There is always a percentage of malfunctioning in products, some of them just don’t work and fail to do what’s needed, however a good customer service can resolve all problems by:

·         Talking and listening to the customer
·         Identifying the problem
·         Proposing one or several solutions
·         Taking action
·         Following up with the client

 Most of the time when the customer is happy you won’t be hearing from him/her; it is a small percentage of customers that willing to provide their feedback themselves and to spend their time to your benefit. However, if the product or service is not acting to its need, you’ll be definitely getting multiple calls with unsatisfied customers. Your main goal is to lower the amount of calls and to increase the quality of service performed by the customer support representatives.

Invest in your customer support and customer service to achieve highest customer satisfaction!

Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing
All you need to know about Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing

Let’s begin by saying that those two are not the same; while Internet Marketing is a wide practice and is under the umbrella of the marketing itself, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just a tool that is being used as a form of marketing implementation. Internet growth gives many options for any size of business that wishes to grow. Anyone selling or delivering its services online can take a great advantage over the internet marketing offerings. Many online marketing agencies offer great services as SEO, PPC, online PR, networking, web development and many others. With all those services offered you don’t have to worry about being visible to your customers.

You have several options with the Internet Marketing, you can do all by yourself, which will require you to learn the practice or you can hire someone to do it for you. In my practice most of the time people don’t like to do it by themselves as it requires them to invest a reasonable amount of time and sometimes money or they simply don’t have the time as they run their daily business operation.

Search Engine Optimization – is a way which can help you make your website visible to many customers by refining the website layout, making it more useful, adding helpful information for the user, and not engaging into any spam activities! SEO is a great way to show your customers your products and services, or simply deliver the important information. Please keep in mind that SEO is not only made for your current customers to help them find you, it is meant for all audience who is interested in the topic of your discussion. You can use search engine optimization to demonstrate your work or share the information with the world. Search Engine Optimization found their ways back in 1995 when the first major search engines were born. Now internet marketing is a big part of any marketing strategy, it offers lower costs, higher customer reachability, faster way of delivery and several other important aspects of the marketing.

In order to successfully use internet marketing one must understand that it is not a onetime practice; it has to be done over and over with new and different strategies to be used.  There are tons of different ideas and strategies that one can apply to be successful with the online campaigns. Every campaign is going to be different and full of exciting discoveries. For example, you can set a goal of attaining hundred visitors for the first hour of you campaign in addition to 20% conversion, therefore you’ll have a goal of 100 people visiting your page with 20 of them buying, signing up or doing other activity that they are required to do. Conversion doesn’t only mean that the customer has to buy, conversion means that the customer has to perform a task that you need him to do. There are several ways to reach your goals: 1. You have to spread your content though social networks, such as facebook, twitter, stumbleupon (I personally find it to be the most of use). 2. You have to have many friends and like in order to spread the content fast and to have an ability to ask to spread your content. 3. Make friends with websites in the industry, you can ask them to advertise your post or event.

As said there are tons of ways to implement internet marketing, it all depends on what you need and the amount of time you can allocate towards it. If you have any questions please contact us.

Market research creates business success

Let’s say that you have a good idea to start a new business or a start-up and because you are very excited about it you want to start it as fast as you can. Stop right there! Before you jump into working on your project, thinking out strategies and other business related matters, you might be missing one very important step! You have to take the time to research whether the business model you are interested in is worthwhile spending your time on. Developing an in-depth market research and market analysis on your business idea will give you the knowledge you need to be informed of the current trends and competition.

Below is the list of several important topics that you should be researching in order to make your business profitable and successful:

1. Are you unique or do you have a niche? You have to identify if your idea is unique or has a niche to demonstrate the successful start of the idea. Ultimately, don’t worry if you are not the first on the block and there is someone else. In order to be successful you don’t have to be the only person to provide such service, although it is nice. As mentioned you don’t have to be first, but what you have to do is – provide the best service. Therefore, get to know the market place, the type of business and ensure your business has something unique to offer to the clientele as a point of differentiation.

2. Target market. Do you know who your potential customers are? Yes? No? Researching and identifying the target market is an essential part of starting any business. Your main goal is to get to know their needs, wants, wishes, likes as well as spending habits and approximate amount that they can spend.

3. Calculating profitability. It is somewhat difficult to calculate what you don’t have, but you have to calculate roughly the amount of hours, labour force, purchases, hourly rates and everything else that is relevant to the price of your business operation. When calculated try to identify how much profit left after everything is paid off. Your main mission is to forecast future sales and to guess the operational costs of the business.

4. Competition. Are you different? You have to identify yourself as a point of differentiation on the market to attract clients to your business. You have to maximize on whatever makes you more attractive. For example, you can sell at a lower price, deliver day or two faster; give better product or service quality.

5. Business Plan. Do you have one? If you don’t have a solid business plan - you are losing out! Business plan is a must for any business start. Business plan is a journal with the guidelines for you to follow.

 6. Permits and licenses. Before starting out you should also find out what permits or licences you must obtain in order to open you business.

Business Planning
Business Plan
Business Planning

Business planning is an official declaration of a particular set of business goals and reasons why they are believed to be achievable. In addition, business plan outlines all possible means of achieving planned goals in order to succeed. It also contains background materials about the organization, team, and culture attempting to reach those goals.

Every business plan should be answering those questions:

1. What to achieve?
2. When to achieve it by?
3. Why to achieve it (what is the purpose)?
4. Where to operate or where to develop a market?
5. How to achieve all the above?

All those questions should help you to identify the main means of the business plan and why you should be working on achieving your targets. It is critical to develop all the answers at the early stage so that it is easier for you to follow the plan instead of creating it on the go.

Here are several main sections that should be included and developed in the Business Plan:

1.       Goals

2.       Products and Services

3.       Marketplace

4.       Employees

5.       Competition

6.       Business Culture


Goals should outline all possible and achievable targets that you set for yourself, for your team and for the organization overall. Do not make dreams out of goals! Goals should be reasonable and achievable. If you are a small business and have just started don’t set your goal to profiting $1 million in the first year, unless you have a brilliant idea and honestly feel that your business/start-up will achieve the target.

·         Classify business goals early in the development.

·         Set deadlines and timeframe to complete them.

·         If you have employees, allocate duties for completing goals.

·         Develop business ideas and make sure it is possible to make them into a profitable business model.

Products and Services

Identify your products and services at an early stage. You probably already know what you want to sell, however think if it is what is going to bring you the expected profit. For example, selling thousand pens will be accounted for selling just one car. Think how much energy and time you’ll be spending on selling items or delivering your service. In the best case scenario what you do have to bring you more profit then you spend your energy on. However, keep in mind that first couple of years while you develop your business you’ll be probably spending more energy than actually getting the profit. It is totally normal as you are trying to create everything from nothing.

·         Keep your product and supply inventories limited but enough for doing business.

·         Never allow pushy vendors to overstock your shelves, remember that they want to make their sales too.

·         Stay ahead of your competition with the best product!

·         Supply chain management


Develop your own market. You have to analyze who is your target market and target customer. You have to identify the strategy that you will need to acquire prospect and make them into customers. In addition you have to be thinking about how you’ll convert your current customers into long term customers who’ll be coming back for more. Remember it is 20% of your customers who do 80% of business with you.


Employees are very important! It is what runs the blood in your business. Selecting right employees will have a huge impact on your business. Remember that the company with good employees, good culture and friendly atmosphere creates better business as people want to work and achieve the goals you ask them to achieve.


Always stay on top of what your competition does. Bring the best ideas into your house from everyone and make your own! Competition is a good thing as it makes you willing to move and achieve better and higher results. In addition it is very beneficial as it can get you many new ideas and thoughts for your business. Researching what the competition does is beneficial as you can predict what to expect in the near future.

Business Culture

Beyond your business, products or services, there is always your business culture. You have to realize that people do business with those they like, and there is a reason why your customers want to do business with you. Researching those and making them stronger will help you develop a strong healthy business culture. At the end of the day it all comes down to:

·         Creating a culture of trust, people do business with those they trust.

·         Make business ethics an element of your day-to-day operations.

·         Management leadership

As mentioned previously business plan is essential and critical in achieving business goals. It helps you to focus or priorities and deal with things that tight your business. Develop a good strong business plan and succeed with it!

Good Luck!

Business Revenue
Increase Business Revenue
Increasing Business Revenue (5 tips)

Business Blog always does its best in order to provide you the reader with the best in class information and the best resources to get your business ideas from! We sort out lots of information to keep our post informative and helpful to the reader without any information that would be irrelevant and not useful.

Here are 5 tips to Increase Business Revenue

1. Creating leads is an essential skill of every salesman. A good salesman should be able to identify a good lead or a good prospect, in addition to developing a strategy for turning the prospect into the sale.

 2. Your main goal in any sale is to convert your prospect or lead into an actual sale. You have to practice your sales pitch or sales script; it should be top notch because it is extremely helpful and important in increasing your conversion rate.

3. It is not only important to be focusing on the new leads and prospects but it is also important to focus on the customers who have bought from you previously or buying currently. These people have already purchased your service or product and are predisposed to doing business with you again.

 4. Bundle Package Strategy. Most likely you already have customers who buy products on the regular bases; therefore you can use the next strategy to increase sales: try to get regular customer to purchase more by bundling several products into packages and selling them at a lower price with a discount.

 5. Revise all the products or services. You have to take a look around the products you sell. You have to determine two buckets: first bucket - products that do sell and make profit, second bucket - products that barely breakeven or don’t sell at all. It is wise to kill all products that don’t sell and replace them with new varieties and continue to perfect product variety until you’ll establish best sellers.

If you have any questions or need consultants help please reply via comments or directly through the contact form.