How many pages would you write to expect for specific words count

Whether you’re a student or a professional essay writer, most of the assignments that you’ll get will have a certain word count attached to them. Unfortunately, if you’re one of those people who don’t look at the guidelines and go straight into writing the content, you might face many problems in the future. Keeping the word count in mind, you need to frame your writing. All kinds of content have certain word limits attached to them. For example, news summaries are usually 100 words, whereas school essays can range from 300 to 1000 words.

But why is this information necessary to me?

Sometimes, you might get an assignment that only says- “Write a 4-page long essay,” or, “Complete this summary in half a page.” It is much easier to have an idea of the approximate number of words than count everything individually in such cases.

1. How many pages are 100 words?

how many pages are 100 words

If someone gives you the task of writing about 100 words, they expect you to write straight to the point without diving into too many descriptions. 100 words content usually comprises of-

  • Short essays
  • Book summaries
  • News summaries
  • Stories

The number of pages you require also depends on the font size and style that you use.

When you’re typing on a word document,

  • In the case of single spacing with size 12 Times New Roman, you’d need about 0.2 part of a single page to write 100 words.
  • However, sometimes you might have to write using double spacing. In such cases, it’ll take you 0.4 part of a single page, or about 25 % in total.

When you’re writing the task by hand, you’ll need double the amount of space required for typing. Therefore, for single spacing, you’ll have to take up the same space as double-spaced typed writing.

2. How many pages are 200 words?

how many pages are 200 words

Writing 200-word content requires you to maintain a tight balance between being descriptive and concise. In most cases, you need to write this kind of content in 2 paragraphs.

  • If you’re typing in a document with size 12 Ariel or Times New Roman font, you’ll require 0.5, or 50% of an entire page.
  • In the case of double-spacing using the same parameters, you’ll require more than 75% of a single page.

3. How many pages are 300 words?

how many pages are 300 words

You’ll find that a majority of product descriptions or micro-blogs use 300 words to describe their content. It’s the perfect length to impart all the necessary information while holding the reader’s attention. This kind of writing takes up about 2/3rd of a single page when you use single spacing size 12 Times New Roman font. In the case of double spacing, you can expect it to go up to 1-1.5 pages.

4. How many pages are 400 words?

how many pages are 400 words

Any 400-word essay that you might have to write will require you to be slightly more descriptive and informative. This is also the perfect word length to write online blogs and articles. If you’re an online content creator, you’ll come across many tasks that require you to stick to this word count. You can expect to fit this amount of content in about 80 to 95% of a single page, depending on the number of paragraphs you use and using single spacing with size 12 Times New Roman font. If you plan to use double spacing, you would need 1.25 to 1.75 pages.

5. How many pages are 500 words?

how many pages are 500 words

500-word assignments are the most common that you’ll get in schools and universities. It can include English essays, book reports, term papers, and summaries. Did you know that students require the most essay help when they’re writing 500-word essays? This is because it can be challenging to compress all the crucial points while writing a complex essay topic. Your 500-word essay will take up an entire page in case of single spacing with size 12 Times New Roman or Ariel font. In case of double spacing, it will be double, that is, 2 pages.

6. How many pages are 600 words?

how many pages are 600 words

600 words is a pretty standard word count professors will set for short answers and essays. Such writing might cover five or six paragraphs, depending on your content. Keeping the same font stylization as always, you can expect to write 1.25 to 1.5 pages in single spacing and about 2.5 to 2.75 pages in double spacing.

7. How many pages are 1000 words?

how many pages are 1000 words

You’ll generally find 1000-word essay assignments in universities and colleges. The sheer number of words can make you worry at first, but you’ll soon realize that you have a lot more content on which you can write.

In such essays, you can divide the entire content into different sections, such as-

  • The introduction – This will be around 100 – 200 words.
  • The body – The central section, or the body paragraph, consists of the topic sentence, arguments, and evidence. This usually spans around 700 to 800 words.
  • The conclusion – Your conclusion would be the last paragraph which summarizes the entire content neatly. It is the same length as the introduction, that is, 100-200 words.

Considering all these, you’ll need about:

  • 2 pages to write a 1000-word essay in Times New Roman or Arial font with single spacing.
  • 4 pages if you use the same font but double spacing.

8. How many pages are 2000 words?

how many pages are 2000 words

2000 words are the optimum number of words that you require if you want to write in-depth guides and articles. If you consider an average of 500 words on each page when you’re using the normal Times New Roman font in 12pt, 2000-words will take up 4 pages in single spacing. The number of pages you’ll need depends on the font type and size that you’re using. But double-spacing will take up about twice the length. Hence, you’ll need 8 pages to write 2000 words.

9. How many pages are 40,000 words?

How many pages are 40000 words

The AUT Postgraduate Handbook (p.97) states that the length of a Master’s thesis can range from 20,000 words to a maximum of 60,000. Therefore, taking the middle ground, your average thesis can end up around 40,000 words. Thus, if you’re using the standard Time New Roman font in 12pt, 40,000 words will take up about 80 pages in single spacing and 160 pages with double spacing.

10. How many pages are 80,000 words?

how many pages are 80000 words

The upper limit of any Ph.D. dissertation is about 80,000 words, excluding footnotes, references, appendices, and bibliography. Thus, the length is nearly equal to a 320 pages novel.

Keeping the same Times New Roman and 12pt,

  • 80,000 words with single spacing are approximately 160 pages
  • With double spacing, it goes up to 320 pages

Summing it up

You’ll come across many types of content ranging from 100 words to 80,000 words that you might have to write at some point in your life. It becomes easier to envision the length when you have the number of pages in mind. However, it would be best if you remembered that the number of pages isn’t constant. It also depends on the font type and size.

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