How much does it cost to start an LLC

You must have wondered that Starting the LLC or also known as the Limited Liability Company costs are high, but to your surprise, it is easily affordable and reasonable. There are various options and plan expenses you can choose from. In some of the states, you can even start the LLC at a cost of $100. Before forming an LLC, it should be clear that each and every state has its own policies of an LLC and their separate rules and regulations. The owner of the business must make their LLC from the state government and not form any other government. The cost of the expenses is very similar in each state but the cost to start an LLC may vary from state to state. To make your work a bit simpler we have listed the expenses and costs you would have to deal with when starting an LLC.

Costs to start an LLC

Cost to start an LLC

You can start an LLC on your own or also hire a professional for the same. Each and every state has different protocols. Here is the list of some of the expenses you would face no matter which state you belong to.

LLC Filing Fee

You need to have a file called the Articles of organization and may also be known as a certificate of organization which is sanctioned by the state government. These fees may also vary which will generally range from $40 to $500. The average cost of it is $100 to $175.

LLC agreement for the operation

LLC agreement for the operation

Each and every LLC should have an operating certificate when you start your LLC. There is no additional cost when you are dealing with the LLC operating agreement and in some cases, you can do it yourself also with the help of a free template available online as default. You may also use the paid templates which are generally obtained by the attorney. The attorney will also guide you in different legal procedures and protocols so that there would be no issues in the future in your legal documents.

Reservation of the Business Name

Only the states of Alabama require the Reservation of their business name before you register them. The services are also free in many states. Many of you would think that what is the use of the name reservation so let us clear this doubt. Suppose you took the name of your business and someone else without the knowledge also took up the same name then the marketplace of your both may collide. This to differentiate they are used for registering the name. You may have a name in your mind but registering it will ensure credibility. It may take around $40 to $50 to complete this process.

Agent’s fee

You have to give the fees to your registered person whom you have chosen as your working agent. It is also termed as a residuary agent or statutory agent in many states. If you hire a good and a professional person for this thing then you may have to pay around $50 to $500, depending on the requirements and the quality.

LLC creation service

It is easy to carry out all the processes and the procedures by yourself but it is better to take the help of the professional and most of the people do so. The cost for the Limited Liability Company creation service by an agent may also range from $490 to $380. The cost completely depends on your situation. The cost will rise as you would include additional things in your package.

LLC Creating Notice

The states like New York, Nebraska, and Arizona require the notice to be published in a local newspaper. It will also add up to a charge from your pocket. The cost to publish the notice in the newspaper may also cost you around $30 to $200. It completely depends on your location.

The costs to maintain the LLC

Cost to maintain LLC

After you have finished the course to start the LLC, you need to renew the package on a regular basis.

  • Annual reports: Most of the states need a regular update and report. The frequency of the report may also vary from state to state and generally it is 2 years. The cost may be $10 and can go up to $400.
  • Franchise Taxes: Franchise taxes in most of the states are paid annually. This may be based on the revenue your company is making. Small businesses may have to pay less tax as compared to big companies.
  • Agent Fee: If you have signed a professional for the protocols to follow and work, they also cost around $40 to $300.

Additional Costs

There are some other potential needs in which you need to spend your money. These are:

  • Expediting Fee: Most of the states require the Expediting fee but many do not. It completely depends on your business location and the state you work in.
  • Attorney Fee: Many of the firms and organizations hire an attorney to look for the documentation and the other aspects. The fees of the attorney get included in the charts.
  • Website documents: You may also need the business site for the LLC. The cost of maintaining and running the site may also vary which completely depends upon the service providers and the services and the packages you choose.
  • Copy Fees: Many demands for a certified paper for the articles of the organization. Most of the places have an annual requirement of paying a declared fee for the LLC. If you are unable to pay that fee your LLC may get dissolved and may also be completely shut down. The annual fee may vary from $40 to $1000.


Many you must have thought that getting an LLC is much expensive, but it may be reasonable depending upon your cost cuttings. If you do the proceedings on your own you can save a lot of money. The price may vary from state to state. The blog will be useful for many entrepreneurs and startups and the cost of starting an LLC is not more than your expectation, please comment below if you like the way of presentation.

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