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7 Brilliant Instagram Tips to grow your brand

7 Brilliant Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow Your Brand

With over 1.074 billion users worldwide, Instagram has become one of the most important social media platforms for businesses to promote their brands and get some reach. Instagram helps businesses in their growth as it provides a great platform to market their products. Marketers often use an Instagram widget that helps them integrate their website with their Instagram account.

In this digital world, social media following is often considered a measure to know about the brand’s reputation and status in the market. Hence, it becomes very important for businesses to gain more followers on their social media networks. Another benefit of having higher social media followers is that it increases brand awareness.

To strengthen your social media presence and gain more followers, you should have a strong social media marketing strategy. Currently, many businesses spend a huge amount on their digital marketing. As it helps them to stay relevant and provides an ease to promote their business. This blog will discuss 7 marketing tips to grow your brand on Instagram effectively and almost free of cost. So without any further ado. Let’s dive into it.

7 Economic Tips to Market Your Brand on Instagram:

1. Cross-promotion

Showcase your post on other social media networks

One of the most amazing ways to increase your followers on Instagram is to promote your Instagram posts on other platforms. You can showcase your posts on other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., through your Instagram post weblink and invite them to follow your Instagram account. You even use your website traffic to increase your followers. Many tools in the market allow you to embed your Instagram posts to your website and provide a particular feature such as an Instagram widget. So, whenever a visitor visits your website, he will get a sneak into your Instagram chatter. Tools also provide the visitor an option to follow your account.

2. Provide regular content

Post your Content Regularly

The most important and useful way to stay relevant on Instagram is by posting regular content. You should keep your account alive by posting regularly; it engages your followers and increases the reach of your content. But there is a catch: it doesn’t mean that you overwhelm your followers by posting more content. You should plan your content and keep a watchful eye on them. Keep track of what kind of content your followers are liking. There are no specific timings to post your content, so just plan it. You should provide enough content that your followers stay engaged and keep in mind that they don’t get irritated with overflowing content.

3. Provide creative content

Provide creative content using posts, IGTV

Creative ideas and creative campaigns get a lot of attention and help the brands to gain awareness. There are ample examples where creative posts and campaigns helped brands to gain more followers and establish themselves on social media platforms. Instagram has various features that provide great opportunities to create different types of content and showcase your creativity. Each feature has its relevance; you can make creative content and post them on stories, posts, IGTV, etc., and increase followers. Creativity is a must for any campaign because it keeps the followers engaged and entertained. Without a creative angle, no one will engage with your content, and hence there will be no growth in your followers’ list.

4. Make good use of Hashtags

make use of hashtags

Hashtag campaigns are the most effective and fastest way to gain more fame on social media and eventually increase your following. Another amazing benefit of having a great hashtag campaign is that it increases the reach of your brand’s account on Instagram. An average Instagram post contains 10.7 hashtags, and it is the most popular way to generate traffic on your account on Instagram. A creative hashtag campaign helps you to get more attention and promotes your brand. It also helps tools such as the Instagram widget and collect all the posts from your hashtag as a thread and display them on your website.

5. Keep interacting with your followers

Keep interacting with your followers

People love when a brand replies to their queries or interacts with them. They even share their interactions on their social media posts, hence providing a further reach for the brands. You should always interact with your followers as well. You can start by replying to their comments on your post, replying to their messages, and even liking the post, where they have tagged you or have posted content with your product. Even you can start interactions by posting content where your followers can participate; content such as quizzes, polls, questions, etc. All these measures help you build a strong relationship with your users and convert them from your followers to your loyal customers and brand promoters.

6. Take advantage of Instagram tools

make use of instagram tools

Instagram helps businesses in a great way. Recently, they provided an update on their platform. Now they allow you to make a business profile on the platform where you can share your contact details with your followers. It allows followers to call, email, or text businesses. It also provides you with analytics and insight to measure the performance of your content and campaigns. And plan accordingly on what type of content people are likely to show more attention to. You can use these tools free of cost.

7. Promote user-generated content

User-generated content is a smart marketing tool, it allows you to get more audience as it increases the reach of your brand. You can promote UGC and motivate people by reposting their content on your account. It helps you to maintain a good relationship with your followers and hence building a strong brand.


Instagram is one the most prominent platform that helps a business to grow and extend its reach. If used properly, it can take your own online marketing business to the next level. It is the best platform to promote your brand and gather more customers. If you are successful in generating more followers, then Instagram increases the reach of your account. So follow amazing steps and gain followers on your Instagram.

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