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Why do you need marketing for business?

For the past hundred or so years marketing has been an inalienable part of many companies. Digital Marketing is one of the main reasons why so many huge companies do well and so many others can’t climb the leader of business success. Every successful business markets!

Marketing is an essential function of the organization that wants to be different and have a selling point that audience will “buy” in order to attract the to them product or service. Successful companies such as Proctor and Gamble, Pepsi, Coke and Nike produce huge amount of products. With the tremendous amount of products being offered they have to make sure that customers know about what’s new, what’s on the regular stock and when hot new arrivals are coming out.

We can vision marketing as a huge umbrella with many and many different items going under its dome. Marketing has traditional and new “non-traditional” practices, by the way non-traditional will very fast become traditional. Let’s name several items on the list:

marketing for business

·         Direct Mailer
·         Billboard
·         TV and Radio Ads
·         Print Ads (bus, subway, street and any other including magazines, newspapers, etc)
·         Viral Marketing
·         Web Marketing
·         Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEM/SEO)
·         Pay-per-Click Ads
·         Affiliation Marketing
·         Blogs
·         Banners, flash and pop-ups
·         And many others…

As you can see marketing is no single practice at all, it has multiple layers which have to be addressed first before implementing any of the final decisions. There are things like: marketing strategy and tactic, audience targeting and segmentation, marketing plan, research and analysis, goal and objective refining and many more things to make sure that the campaign or whole marketing strategy works out good to benefit the company.

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