make fishing rod in minecraft

When playing Minecraft, a player is required to periodically eat to maintain their health status. Fishing is an awesome way players can use to get their food. Players can also obtain other amazing items like nautilus shells and enchanted books through fishing. For you to fish, you will be required to make a fishing rod. You can simply create a fishing rod using sticks and strings or collect an enchanted fishing rod while fishing. An enchanted fishing rod will help you catch even more amazing items from the ocean.

About Fishing Rod in Minecraft

fishing rod in minecraft

A fishing rod is primarily used to fish in the overworld. It will be used in any water body from small rivers, ponds to vast oceans. The fishing rod will be used to catch raw salmon, raw cod, pufferfish and tropical fish from any water body in Minecraft. Knowing how to create a fishing rod will help you survive in islands where food and supplies are scarce. Crafting a fishing rod doesn’t require a heavy resource investment.

The rod only requires three wooden sticks, diagonally placed on the grid of a crafting table. Sticks are made from wooden planks and can also be obtained from a chopped tree. To make a fishing rod, you will need two pieces of string. You can obtain a string by killing a spider.

Fishing rods can also be found in the wild in case you are unable to gather the required tools to make one. To spot a fishing rod in the wild, look for any light sources under water. These light sources represent underwater ruins that are guarded by Drowned mobs. These ruins tend to have leather armor, chests, wheat, coal and enchanted fishing rods.

Carrots are used to upgrade the fishing rod by combining the fishing rod with a carrot. Players use this rod when riding pigs to make them move around. You can also use as fishing rod in your furnace as fuel when you ran out of fuel to cook or smelt iron. However, at best, a fishing rod has better secondary uses and should never be wasted.

As a passionate fisherman, consider fishing rod enchanting. This can be achieved through;

  • Lure – which increases the rate at which you catch fish
  • Mending – after earning experience points, mending will automatically fix your fishing rod
  • Unbreaking – slows down your fishing rod breaking
  • Luck of sea – increases chances of finding treasure

Fishing rods will not only be used to reel in fish and treasure but also entities and mobs including boats closer to you. You can also use it to trigger pressure plates. To knockback a victim, right-click the fishing rod. This is an offensive way to use a fishing rod. Fishing rods can be effectively used even underwater.

To cast the fishing rod into the water, right-click the water while holding the rod. To reel in the line, right-click. A fishing rod will break after its maximum durability is met. You can only cast and reel in a fishing rod thirty-three times before it snaps. Note that wandering past thirty-four blocks will automatically break your line.

Step by Step Guide on How to Make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft

step by step guide to make a fishing rod

To make a fishing rod in Minecraft, you need to be equipped with three sticks and two pieces of string. Sticks are easy to find but strings can be a bit hectic to come by. Follow the following steps to make a fishing rod;

  1. Gather all resources needed

    Chop two blocks of wood from any tree trunk to create the wooden planks. The wooden planks will be used to make the crafting table and rod sticks. Strings are obtained by killing spiders. Spiders are typically found in caves and shades and are mostly found at night.

  2. Open your Inventory

    At the bottom-right corner, tap on the hotbar to open it.

  3. Click on the crafting tab

    A multicolored box icon on the left part of the screen.

  4. Tap the plank icon

    On the left side, you will see a wooden box icon. Tap on the 4x button twice to create four wooden planks. One wooden block will make four wooden planks.

  5. Create a crafting table

    On the left side, click the crafting table icon. You can simply tap the 1x icon once. Fill the crafting space with four of your planks to create a crafting table.

  6. Make the sticks

    To make the sticks, place two wooden planks on your crafting table and stack them on top of each other. Tap on the 4x button to create four sticks. You will only need three sticks to create a fishing rod.

  7. Exit your inventory

    To exit your inventory, on the top left corner of your screen click on x. to list crafting table in the hotbar, tap on the inventory tab, then tap on the crafting table icon.

  8. Place the crafting table

    Tap anywhere on the space before you to place the crafting table to the ground.

  9. Tap on crafting table

    Tapping on the crafting table will open its interface where you will select and create your fishing rod.

  10. Click on fishing rod icon

    Click on the fishing rod icon. It will resemble a stick with a string tied to it.

  11. Tap own 1x

    On the right hand of your skin, tap own 1x. This creates your fishing pole and adds it to your hotbar. The fishing rod will also be added to your inventory.

Note that you cannot fish in the lake. Casting your fishing rod into the lava will make your lure sink to the bottom. Unlike normal fishing tendencies, in Minecraft, fishing in the rain is better as the wait time to catch fish is reduced by 20%.


Following the above steps will help you to successfully create a fishing rod. A fishing rod can be used in any water body from small streams to huge water bodies like oceans. Creating a fishing rod will only require three sticks and two rolls of string. Fishing acts as a great source of food and also enchanted books and treasure. You can also enchant your fishing rod through lure, mending, luck of sea and unbreaking. Happy fishing in Minecraft!

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