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Time to get spooky, Halloween in Minecraft! Minecraft has numerous adventure interfaces that intrigue most of its players. A pumpkin is fruity block appearing in grassy biomes patches or in village farms. Carved pumpkins are just one of the many building blocks a player can make. Pumpkin seeds can be found in chests found in mineshafts and dungeons. To grow a pumpkin, you need to have a free space adjacent the place the seeds were planted. Unlike other structures in Minecraft, creating a carved pumpkin does not require a furnace or crafting table. Instead, you will have to use shears to carve a face into the pumpkin. Most players are finding it difficult to carve a pumpkin in Minecraft. In this article, you will get to know about pumpkins in Minecraft, their uses and a well explained step by step process on how to carve one. Let’s get to it!

About carving a pumpkin in Minecraft

About carving a pumpkin in Minecraft

Pumpkins in Minecraft generate naturally in the overworld and most biomes. For pumpkin to grow, it will only require a grass block having air above it. snow cover does not affect pumpkin growth. It is rare for pumpkin to grow in stony or sandy biomes.

You can practically use anything to mine the pumpkins but using an axe is a quicker way. Pushing a pumpkin with a piston will break and drop the pumpkin as an item. Zombies and skeletons in Minecraft can wear carved pumpkins after spawning during Halloween. Carving a pumpkin will only require shears. After carving, the process is irreversible and this affects the pumpkin’s texture.

Shearing a pumpkin will give you four seeds that you can grow in your farm to get more pumpkins. Till the land normally and plant the seeds. For the pumpkin to grow, you will need to leave one open space since it does not grow where you have planted it rather on the spot next to it. during harvesting, only chop off the pumpkin and not the stalk. Leaving the stalk intact makes it ready for another pumpkin to grow.

Pumpkin in Minecraft has several uses including;


Carved pumpkins are worn on the head as helmets. With a pumpkin helmet on, your visibility will be limited. A carved pumpkin helmet helps you avoid attacks from Enderman when you look at him. Unfortunately, the pumpkin has no armor qualities.


During creation of snow and iron golems, carved pumpkins comes in handy. The golems protect you from being attacked by the mobs. Unlike snow golems, iron golems will spawn naturally but won’t attack you even after provocation. Snow golems provides an infinite source of snow since wherever they go, they leave a trail of snow. To make an iron golem, simply stack four iron blocks in a T shape and place the pumpkin on the middle of the top two blocks. With a snow golem, place two blocks of snow over each other and place a pumpkin on the top.

Jack O’ Lantern

jack o lantern pumpkin minecraft

This variant of the pumpkin is used as a light source in Minecraft. To create a Jack O’ Lantern, you will only need a carved pumpkin and a torch. Place the torch inside the carved pumpkin. It offers you a decent source of light when placed on the ceilings and underwater. It can also be used as a decoration in your Minecraft world. Unfortunately, a Jack O’ Lantern cannot be worn.


In the multiplayer mode, you can spice up the game by pranking your friends. Pranking in Minecraft means making your friends’ life a living nether.  Use a curse of binding to enchant your carved pumpkin then hook a standard dispenser trap to a tripwire. Use the dispenser to bind the carved pumpkin character for life.

Step by Step Guide to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft

To carve a pumpkin in Minecraft, you will require a pumpkin and shears. You do not need a crafting table to carve a pumpkin. Follow these steps to carve your pumpkin;

Find a Pumpkin

You need to first find a pumpkin to carve. Pumpkin seeds can be found in dungeon chests, mine shafts or naturally growing in the wild. Grass blocks with spaces above them favors pumpkin growth thus pumpkin can grow in nay biome as long as it meets these requirements. Pumpkins are rare in the overworld but can be easily found in woodland mansions, taiga and snowy taiga villages and also in some ship wrecks chests. You can also grow your own pumpkins from the seeds collected.

Shear the Pumpkin

shear the pumpkin

Time to shear the pumpkin! Equip yourself with shears by right-clicking on the pumpkin. Position your pointer on the pumpkin and right-click. By simply doing that, you will have successfully carved the pumpkin. After a successful carving, four pumpkin seeds will drop. Add the seeds to your inventory.

Dig up the Carved Pumpkin

After shearing, you will need to dig up the pumpkin. Depending on your Minecraft version, you can left click and hold on the carved pumpkin or simply tap and hold the carved pumpkin. The carved pumpkin will break, making a small carved pumpkin float on the surface.

Pick your Carved Pumpkin

Collect your carved pumpkin from the ground immediately before it disappears. The picked carved pumpkin will appear on your hotbar.

Congratulations! You have carved your pumpkin.

To make a Jack O’ Lantern from your carved pumpkin, simply place your pumpkin on the crafting table above the square with a torch. As simple as that! Use the Jack O’ Lanterns to decorate your spooky mansion.

In Summary

Pumpkin carving in Minecraft is very simple. Pumpkins are found in most biomes as long as they meet the set requirements. You can also grow your pumpkins by growing seeds you found in dungeon and mineshaft dungeons. Shearing the pumpkins will also give you four seeds from every pumpkin. Carved pumpkins have no armor value but will protect you against attacks from Endermen when you look directly at them. When turned into Jack O’ Lanterns, pumpkins will be placed on the ceilings and underwater for decoration purposes.

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