Minecraft is an online game where gamers explore various worlds and build anything from simple homes to magnificent grand castles. The players mine deep to extract raw materials for survival, where they craft weapons and armor to fight off dangerous mobs. Players can build various items including armor, weapons like axes and swords and also tools to break blocks quickly and efficiently.

Minecraft is played under the following game modes;

Survival Mode

Gamers under this mode are required to craft items using natural resources like wood and stone. Players are required to build a shelter to shield them from attacks by monster spawns in darker areas. Under survival mode, players have a health and hunger bar which when affected influence game progression. Health bar is affected by falls, suffocation, attacks from the mobs, starvation and falling into the lava. You need to periodically eat in the game to keep your hunger bar in position. When the hunger bar is depleted, automatic healing stops which then causes health depletion.

Hardcore Mode

This mode has a hardest setting with a permadeath entity. When a player dies, they can no longer interact in the game. As a player, you can be put in the spectator mode or you can choose to entirely delete the game.

Creative Mode

Creative mode allows players access most of the resources. They can freely fly on the game world; their characters are not affected by hunger or any damage. With no disturbance, players solely focus on creating and building huge projects.

Adventure Mode

Players under this mode enjoy user-crafted custom maps and adventures although there are restrictions from the map creator. The adventures are attained when players obtain the required items as intended by the map creator.

Spectator Mode

Players in this mode do not directly interact in the game. They are allowed to fly and watch game progression in the game world.


multiplayer mode in minecraft

Multiplayer mode allows various players to directly interact and communicate. To run multiplayer, players can use a hosting provider, connect via Xbox or even run their own servers.

How to Make Concrete Powder?

making of concrete powder

Concrete powder is a block in Minecraft that hardens to make a concrete block once it comes into contact with water. To make concrete blocks, you will have to first make concrete powder. You will need eight distinct materials and also one distinct dye from Minecraft. You require the following materials;

  • 4 pieces of sand
  • 4 pieces of gravel
  • 1 dye

Depending on the color of dye used in the concrete powder, concrete has sixteen different colors. For every four sand pieces of sand, four pieces of gravel and one dye, the player receives eight pieces of concrete powder. It is important to note that once a concrete powder is formulated, its color cannot be changed.

Finding Sand in Minecraft

To build big and mighty structures, you will require lots of sand. Sand is fairly and readily available in Minecraft. You can find sand on ocean islands, pond banks and in the desert. Deserts offer the greatest sand sources. You will need Shulker Boxes and a Diamond Shovel to harvest the sand.

Finding Gravel in Minecraft

Just like sand, gravel is easy to find. You can find gravel on gravel mountain biomes. These biomes provide huge amounts of gravel within a short radius. You can also find gravel through regular mining but it can fill up space quickly in areas you would find more precious items.

Minecraft Dyes

making of concrete powder in minecraft

Minecraft offers players sixteen different types of dyes. Most of these dyes are naturally found while others will be obtained by combining two different dyes. The common dyes are white which is made from bones, yellows from flowers, blue from lapis, black from ink sacks and red from roses. Note that some of the dyes are easier to obtain than others. To amass huge number of dyes, collect many flowers and kill skeletons. Most craftable colors are from combining white dye and another dye color.

About Concrete in Minecraft

Concrete in Minecraft is made when concrete powder is mixed with water. Concrete is an exciting, durable and strong building material in Minecraft that will give your structures a fabulous look. Concrete makes your buildings more decorative, as a result of the dye used during concrete powder formation. It is available in different colors. The concrete blocks are slightly harder than stone making your structure a bit damage resistant. Concrete in Minecraft is only mined using a pickaxe to ensure its safety. Just like in any normal building, concrete building in Minecraft follows the laws of gravity and if not properly set, will crumble down. Unlike wool, concrete is not flammable.

Step by Step Guide to Make Concrete Powder in Minecraft

Follow these simple steps to create concrete powder:

  • Open the crafting menu on your Minecraft dashboard to access the crafting table, usually a 3X3 grid
  • Place the four blocks of gravel with three blocks placed on the last bottom column and the fourth one in the middle row’s last cell
  • To place the sand, place 2 blocks in the middle row with the one piece of gravel. The other two pieces should be placed on the second and third cell of the first row.
  • After placing the sand and gravel, only one cell is left on the crafting grid. Place a dye of your choice on this empty cell. Once all these materials are in place, eight concrete blocks will appear on your screen.
  • To turn the concrete powder into a concrete block, place the concrete powder close to a water source. Note that rain water, cauldrons and water from bottles will not harden the concrete powder.


Making concrete in Minecraft is a very simple and straightforward process. Having the knowledge on concrete powder formation, and how to mine the distinct materials required, will help you create and build magnificent buildings in Minecraft. Once concrete powder is made, you cannot change its color. Only water from a water source hardens the concrete powder.

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