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Mckinsey claims, “High performers deliver eight times more the output of their peers”. No wonder top recruiters around the world are going ballistic to attract the best salesperson. The gap between a mid-performing sales team and a high-performing one is humongous. When you allow a group of inexperienced, untrained, and desperate salespeople on the sales floor, you are bound to open up the floodgates of failure. Similarly, when you unleash a remarkable team of smart sales reps, success is bound to pour like rain.

This is mainly why the demand for sales development training programs is intensifying as more companies are opting to strengthen their lead qualification. As a result, brilliantly trained sales teams have become not only a competitive advantage but the central driver of business excellence. Stick around to comprehend the importance of sales training programs and the best courses that will help you make sure you get the best ROI possible in 2021.

The Significance Of Sales Training Program

The best sales training courses prepare salespeople of your organization for success by making them more effective professionals. According to eminent business management essay writers around the world, sales development training programs help sales teams and their managers accomplish their objectives faster and increase the bottom-line revenue.

The curriculum of the sales training program is diverse, and it can cover numerous updates about the latest product developments, a walkthrough of a new sales tool, or general and comprehensive guidance about how to make the most of the latest sales techniques.

An organization can help its employees derive the best results possible by investing in quality training. Statistics demonstrate that every 7 out of 10 employees strongly believe that training and development opportunities influence their decisions about staying within a company. If you make sure to supply your team with outstanding training, they will supply you with incredible longevity.

The Best Sales Outcomes= Impeccable Sales Training

Enough of the theory, now let’s take a deeper look into significant statistics-

  • US companies spend more than $70 billion on sales training per annum.
  • Organizations having high-performing sales teams are twice more likely to offer ongoing training than companies with poorly performing sales teams.
  • 80% of brilliantly performing sales teams believe their training process to ‘be outstanding’ or ‘very good.
  • It is seen salespeople who complete excellent training programs deliver 10% higher win rates.

Clearly, sales training development programs will be a huge game-changer for sales organizations in the years ahead. Nevertheless, selecting the best and most suitable one for your team can be a tough nut to crack.

To make your work easier, we have done a bit of extensive legwork for you. We have created a not-so shortlist of remarkable training programs that have been generating a buzz across the industry recently.

The Top 8 Sales Development Training Programs For Every Company  In 2021

1. Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales

Location- Online

Length- 2 hours and 11 minutes

Price- Free

In the present day, it has become impossible to succeed in sales if you are only using shady tactics.  You can learn how to sell with integrity by opting for this free virtual course on the inbound sales methodology. It encompasses everything from determining potential buyers to creating personalized presentations.

Once you are done with this course and passed the exam with flying colors, you will receive a badge to display on your email signature, website, and LinkedIn profile.

2. John Barrows: Driving to Close

John Barrows

Length Of The Program– One day

Price– Team and Individual Options Available

Location– Online, Onsite, and Remote

John Barrows is a big name in the sales world. He is especially widely acclaimed for interactive training that creates a huge impact. This program looks deep into the sourcing prospects before exploring the perfect meeting. Furthermore, the penultimate section takes a deeper plunge to explore ways that can handle objections from prospects.

3. Sales Engine: The Art of Sales

Sales Engine

Length of the program– 5 weeks

Price– Free (but $95 for a certificate)

Location- Online

The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Processof Sales Engineering aims at transforming participants into efficient and effective selling machines. This course tends to accomplish this goal by exploring and strengthening key skills and disciplines. The course is 100% online and is strictly targeted to beginner sales professionals.

4. 21st Century Sales Training For Elite Performance

21 Century Sales

Length of the Program- 12 weeks

Location- Online

Price- $997

This remarkable three-month virtual course focuses on seven key facets of sales- prospecting, developing trust and credibility, determining the needs of the buyers, overcoming resistance, selling value, closing, getting referrals, and repeat business.

The course encompasses 24 videos that you can rewatch at any time. Along with that, you also get workbooks, role-play exercises, and bonus training modules.

5. Engage Selling: Sales Strategy Design and Review

Engage Selling

Length of the Program- Flexible

Location- Onsite or Online

Price- Varies

This unique course from Colleen Francis introduces salespeople to the impeccable concept of a sales strategy. It starts by exploring why a sales strategy is so significant before demonstrating to them exactly how to develop a sales strategy.

By exploring the crucial area of sales, Colleen aims at helping salespeople become more adept in their respective fields.

6. Jeff Shore: Be Bold Live Training

Jeff Shore

Length of the Program- One day

Price- Varies

Location- Onsite

Another well-renowned and big name in sales training is Jeff Shore. The training program ensures that your team engages with Jeff interactively. After this, you will be able to better comprehend the sales processes, the places they struggle, and how to overcome these hindrances.

The one-day session is all about sales fundamentals. However, Jeff also calls on his wealth of experience to ask questions and cater the session to the specific needs of the attendees.

7. Winning By Design: Frontline Manager Training

Winning By Design

Length of the Program- Varies

Price- Varies

Location- Online with Virtual Coaching Sessions

Frontline Manager Training is an excellent example of the fact that sales training can be given at all levels of a department. This training is aimed at SaaS Sales Managers who aim to develop a successful team that is backed up by a brilliant data-driven approach.

This training is highly specific, and as such, it can be incredibly expensive. However, if you are working within a burgeoning SaaS company, this training could truly unlock success in sales.

8. Double-Digit Sales

DoubleDigit Sales

Length of the Program- Varies

Price- Varies

Location- As per the recommendations

This unique and remarkable program understands that one size truly doesn’t fit all. Thus, this training firm concentrates especially on getting to know their customers and their specific needs. Through extensive research, they ensure that their training is always highly relevant to your business and your specific needs.

Final Note

Know that business moves first. Unique skills that have worked in the past may become completely obsolete as new market realities and challenges sets in. Only constant training helps people to acquire the skills they require to explore new opportunities and create pathways for sustained growth.

Thus, make sure not to lose out in the war for talent. Sales development training is not merely a trend. It is the top-of-mind agenda for reputed businesses looking forward to winning in the future. Start with these best sales training programs and build out from there.

Here’s wishing you all the luck!

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