If you are planning on setting up a small business with a server, there definitely are things to consider. For the business to run smoothly you will need some Information Technology Systems. The world we are in now requires that all most businesses adapt and have reliable computer networks to support the operations of the business.

We will discuss the steps necessary in building a small business with a server and other technological components.

Setting up a small business network is not an easy task, it might present a set of challenges as some people might struggle to configure and understanding the components that we are about to discuss. Before you start ensure that some pre-planning measures are put in place. Here are some proper measures to take.

  • Check your floor plan

A proper understanding of your office plan is necessary to help determine where you will need to install the network cabling. For the best performance, it is highly recommended that you hardwire the servers and computers for maximum performance.

With the emergence of new wireless technology that offers fast speeds, there is still no beating the cable network.

  • Search for an internet provider

Depending on your location, choose the right internet provider of your choice. Do your research well and look for a provider that will give you the best upload and download speeds. Most internet service providers will only advertise to you the download speeds. Be sure that you also ask about the upload speeds as your organization will constantly need to upload your backups to the cloud.

  • Check your electric outlets and network jacks

This will be in direct correlation with the office floor plan. Planning your infrastructure well ensures that you can move your network jacks well around the cables that you had installed. Makes sure you double-check your network jacks and ports well and install plenty of power outlets that will fit all the computers and equipment. Take everything into consideration from printers, scanners, and all peripheral devices that may require power plugins.

Equipment that you need for setting up a business

Setting up a business network requires that you have a few important components. These components are essential in making sure business applications, connectivity, and other resources are handled. Choosing the right equipment can be difficult, in the case that you are not sure about what to purchase seek professional advice to ensure you do not make any mistakes.

Here are the equipment that you will need to complete your small business network.



The sole purpose is to get you to start a business with a server; physical servers are the core of your network. Servers can host several business applications; they also support user authentication, DNS, and other various network functions necessary for computer communications.

You can also centralize your office network server if you are not using cloud storage for your files. You also need to ensure that your network server is of the right size to enable support to your network devices and computers.

Before getting a server make sure that you consider things like the applications to be used, storage requirements, amount of users, and security requirements.

Routers / Firewall


This forms one of the most important must-haves in your network setups. The firewall tries to fight any potential danger that might be trying to attack your network. They are responsible for scanning all traffic that passes through your systems.

Cabling infrastructure

cabling infrastructure

Proper wiring of your office with the essential cables is necessary. It is paramount that you assign each computer its network cable. This will optimize the performance of the computers making sure you get the best speeds.

Network switches

Network switches are also important in your network setup. It connects all the connected devices in our network. Ensure that your network switch is large enough to accommodate a port for all the devices in your network.

Wireless Access Points

wireless access point

These components are in charge of the wireless networks. The number of access points will depend on your office size and layout. It is required that you have the proper coverage in your office to avoid signal issues.

Things to consider before setting up the business

  • Security; follow the best practices to protect your network.
  • Reliability: the network equipment should be reliable and able to operate consistently without trouble.
  • Data protection; it is essential that you protect your data cloud backup or investing in a good backup system ensures that you can recover from natural disasters or cyber-attacks.

Setting up a small business with a server is not an easy task. However, it is not impossible and a business owner can build a small business network. Ensure that you contact a professional IT company to help you with the necessary installations.


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