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10 Unique Copywriting Ideas to Boost Digital Marketing in 2021

10 Unique Copywriting Ideas to Boost Digital Marketing in 2021

Copywriting and digital marketing go hand in hand. You cannot expect to take digital marketing endeavors to the next level of success with a weak ad tagline and other copywriting essentialities. If your target consumers are not convinced with the words, you would put forth or the approach you would embrace; things would simply go down the drain in the long run.

Coming with a tagline and making a strong impact on virtual clients isn’t as easy as a student availing online college essay writing service. So, if you aim to facelift digital marketing endeavors this year, then invest in quality copywriting before everything else. Read this blog to know more.

1.   Leverage the potential of storytelling

Leverage the Potential of Story Telling

Embracing storytelling techniques can actually make things much easier and informal. Believe me, the audience loves it!

So, take a look here and know how to embrace the art of storytelling in copywriting and add that extra zing to your product’s face value.

  • Use brand persona to initiate a conversation college in the first place.
  • Look at client pain points as the “concern” and use your brand’s voice as the “only” solution to the issue.
  • Begin with a generic description or a background story that is relevant to your audience’s interest.
  • Focus on evoking an emotional response through the stories you would tell or the solutions you would bring to the table.

2.   Come up with unique and catchy headlines

Come up with unique and catchy headlines

You cannot tread in the right direction if you lack insights into the nitty-gritty of catchy headlines. So, you have to careful here and come up with uniquely catchy headlines to make an impression of excellence. Here are some suggestions for you.

  • Abide by the convention of the 4 U’s of headline writing.
  • These include “Useful”, “Urgent”, “Unique” and “Ultra-specific”.
  • First of all, the tagline should be relevant and useful.
  • Secondly, it should create a sense of urgency among your target audience.
  • Thirdly, the headline should be unique and appealing.
  • Lastly, it should talk about a particular industry/product/services.

3.   You should keep things factual as well

You should keep tings factual as well

Do not expect to get away with only a couple of unique taglines or storytelling techniques.

So, it is advised to add some stats, links, and verified facts to the taglines, press releases, promotional paragraphs, and every other copywriting essentiality you would ever be a part of. Here’s how.

  • Every time you would urge consumers to buy a product, provide logical reasoning and factual evidence explaining the product benefits.
  • Use past case study instances, experiments and surveys, links, and statistics to put an emphasis on the product’s potential.
  • Do not use irrelevant or obsolete facts and figures. Remember, you should sound confident of what you would claim.

4.   Keep your ideas organized and persistent

Keep Your Ideas Organized and Persistent

The headline should justify the main body content. This is the reason why you should keep ideas thoroughly organized and maintain consistency in the flow of content.

Follow these suggestions.

  • For example, if you provide online essay help, then focus on that particular service.
  • Students, on asking “Who will write my essay?”, should get concrete answers from your end.
  • Talk about essays, the topics you would cover, expected turnaround rate, essay summaries, and the likes.
  • Instead of doing so, if you lose track and end up talking mostly about dissertations and coursework assistance in the main body content, then students would feel misguided.

5.   Work in unison with the digital marketing team

Work in unison with the digital marketing team

You can go about the complex process of copywriting alone. You have to involve the digital marketing team and work in unison with them.

Here’s how you can get the best of both worlds.

  • Connect with the digital marketing team often and keep briefing about ideas you would come up with.
  • Explain to them why you think that the particular ad tagline or other content would fit best for the product and its attributes.
  • Ensure a smooth flow of communication via active video calls, audio conferences, and instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
  • Make sure that the marketing team is prompt in the matter of keeping up with industry trends, monitoring content performance, and letting you know about it on time.

6.   Keep your copies clean and compelling

Keep your Copies clean and compelling

Your target audience should find the message or the ad tagline compelling enough. Here are some useful tips for your next copywriting project.

  • Never sound pushy or way too convincing in your copies.
  • If you would only focus on selling a product, by all means, you cannot write compelling content.
  • The idea of selling a product comes much later. First of all, you should focus on endorsing the product well.
  • So, it is recommended that you should avoid using words and phrases such as “Hurry up”, “Season offer closes soon” and the likes.
  • It will only put your target consumers in haste and they might discard the idea of buying your products right away.

7.   Be careful with the choice of words

Be Careful with choice of words

When it comes to copywriting, you should lay more focus on using powerful words that carry strong impacts.

Here are some examples for you to refer to.

  • Captivating
  • Exclusive
  • Brilliant
  • Astonishing
  • Unprecedented
  • Awesome
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • One-stop Solution
  • Strong
  • Guaranteed

8.   Keep a tab on your key competitors

Keep a tab on your Key Competitors

You cannot succeed in digital marketing without observing what others are doing. Here are some ideas for you to explore in this context.

  • Use advanced tools such as Living Facts and Survey Monkey to observe, monitor, and keep up with industry trends from time to time.
  • Try to offer something newer and more interesting than what is already there in the market.
  • You may choose to change the copywriting format or include a new feature, talk about something your customers don’t know.

9.   Refresh and modify your content often

Refresh and Modify your content Regularly

It takes a couple of days for brand-new content to turn obsolete and drab in the eyes of consumers. So, you need to buckle up here and keep up with the ever-changing content scene in the following ways.

  • Choose a couple of reliable and effective digital marketing funnels.
  • Invest in creative blogging to fetch the coveted backlinks.
  • Market the content well and make sure to leverage the fullest potential of social networking sites.
  • Keep posting new ads and engaging copy content across all leading social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the likes.
  • In addition to it, keep monitoring the progress and performance parameters of each of the content, at regular intervals.

10.  Proofread your content thoroughly

Proofread Your content thoroughly

Last but certainly not least, you should leave no stone unturned in proofreading the copywritten content from scratch. There is a myriad of criticalities to acknowledge, identify and omit.

So, apply these suggestions and revise promotional content like a pro.

  • Keep an eye for silly grammatical flaws such as subject-verb disagreement, wrong pronouns, misplaced adjectives, and prepositions.
  • See if the business taglines or other promotional contents do not hint at controversies, sound offensive, or look shady in any shape or form.
  • Use online resources and tools like Grammarly and Reverso to recheck and come up with grammatically flawless copies.

Parting Thoughts

Now that you are well-versed with the nitty-gritty of copywriting essentialities, embrace the best practice and facelift digital marketing strategies with the best copy content. Pull up your socks and make the best effort to contribute to the digital space and facelift product visibilities like never before.




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