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How can CPAs battle the coronavirus pandemic with quickbooks

How can CPAs battle the Coronavirus Pandemic with hosted QuickBooks?

Coronavirus has flipped out every individual and business and became the greatest menace and pandemic of the 21st century.  It’s not the first time that the World is witnessing any global pandemic for the first time but, in the 21st century, we have all the advanced medical facilities. However, we are still not able to handle this pandemic appropriately. After lockdowns and plenty of medical facilities, the absolute number of positive cases are adding daily, including the death numbers globally.

In this global crisis, where you got no permission to go out and work to keep yourself safe, how you can work to save your business from failing in this situation?

In the current situation, you can save your business by taking the benefit of hosted QuickBooks accounting software and maintain your business continuity.

The entire IT world was advising other businesses to switch over the cloud services, but many companies were not buying on the adoption of cloud services due to several reasons. The companies which previously migrated to the cloud hosting of QuickBooks do realize the true worth of choosing QuickBooks Hosting. Hosted QuickBooks will help the CPAs maintaining the business processes and continuity in this pandemic.

Cloud grants promise

 In the situation of Coronavirus spread, if you are thinking of setting up remote access for your employees for your accounting business, hosted QuickBooks is the solution for your company to ensure running your business.

QuickBooks Desktop is a renowned name in the accounting software market for small and large enterprises for tax preparation. With cloud service, the QuickBooks Desktop gives businesses a platform to access, view, editing and sharing QuickBooks data and accounting files with scalability, data security, and cost-effectivity.

Hosted QuickBooks offers remote accessibility, which helps your employees to work in a peaceful environment and enhances their productivity.

CPAs battling the Coronavirus Pandemic by Hosted QuickBooksCPAs battling the coronavirus with hosted quickbooks

1. Remote accessibility during lockdown –

As per the current situation, the tagline says Stay home & stay safe. Staying at home will affect your business, and for saving your business, you can use cloud-based hosted QuickBooks. You can access your QuickBooks accounts from any remote location without any device constraint. You will require a speedy internet connection and a stable device.

2. Maintaining social distancing while working –

Globally, every Government is appealing to its citizens to maintain social distancing to stay safe from the spread of Coronavirus. You can become infected if you come in contact with a Covid positive patient. With QuickBooks hosting, you can stay at home and maintain social distancing while working and continuing your business processes. The advanced technology of QuickBooks hosting gives you the leverage of working from anywhere and any time hassle-free.

3. Working in collaboration without gathering physically –

The pandemic awareness program states that you should stay at home, maintain social distancing and avoid any social or public gathering. The public meetings fuel up the spread of Coronavirus, which can lead to critical situations for your near ones. When you are operating projects with your team and need to collaborate with the team members, QuickBooks hosting will support you in collaborating to work efficiently, and it intensifies the company productivity.

4. Data security for peaceful business –

Data security is necessary to start a business. While working from remote access, you require assurance of your business data security for peaceful business operations. QuickBooks hosting gives you data security with various security measures like two-factor authentication, firewalls, data encryption, antivirus, and anti-malware. Also, it will provide automated backups to retrieve business data at any time and business continuity in case of any manual or natural disasters.

Suggestions for the Accounting Firms to Survive the Covid-19 Pandemic

Suggest accounting firms to survive during covid 19

1.    Migrate and ensure data security with cloud –

The recommended way for your data security is by migrating your data into cloud-based solutions such as QuickBooks Online. It will allow you remote accessibility from anywhere via the internet, and your changes will get regular backups.

2.    Deploy video conferencing tools –

You can install video conferencing software for accounting professionals it will help for the streamlined communication within the team and clients during the Covid-19 situation. Due to the pandemic situation, video conferencing software like Zoom, Microsoft, and Google has extended their free versions for easy access.

3.    Make virtual conversations with the tax clients –

As the Government considering delaying the deadline of tax filing, it is necessary to converse with your tax clients virtually as physical meetings are not possible in this pandemic. Assure an effective communication setup for constant communication between your customer and you and dodge sharing confidential information like account numbers or social security numbers over email to prevent any data breach possibility.

4. Prepare folders and enlist the access controls –

Working in a paperless environment is more convenient. You can easily search and find out the files digitally. You can prepare folders and a list of the employee’s access control to handle and manage your work comfortably, just like you manage work in the office. Also, it’s helpful when you are sharing specific data with the customers and don’t want to share other information with them. You can even list down the employee’s name who has access to confidential business data.

5. Use virtual mailbox –

You can create a professional mailbox while working with remote access. It will avoid unnecessary chaos of combining personal and professional emails.

6. Spread the word for addressing client issues –

Active communication is necessary during the pandemic time. You should plan for the plan and make it clear to the employees that they will need to take responsibility for resolving any client issues as it’s pandemic time, and it will create unwanted panic for the customers. Also, you will require to keep a tab on every employee’s activities to prevent any lagging in the business productivity.

7. Provide updates to your clients regularly –

In crisis time, you should keep clients posted regularly about the constant work with quality and results. You can send them emails with the detailed information of your employees and work status, allow them to access with an alternate email id, contact number, file locations, and much more.

Hosting QuickBooks software with SageNext

Hosting Quickbook software with SageNext

All the businesses, irrespective of their sizes, the business requirement constantly changes according to the time. At SageNext, we acknowledge the fact that every business is unique, and their needs are different. That’s why we have enlisted varieties of QuickBooks hosting plans in our repository to counter every expectation from the businesses. We provide extensive flexibility of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solutions with plenty of customizable features for the resources that give an exceptional experience to our valuable customers that we provide on our cloud platform. The services we offer are adding or removing customers from your account, switching for more RAM, vCPUs, or storage, and scalability just like, our cloud platform.

Finally, we can say that Coronavirus has globally impacted all businesses, including accounting firms widely, and companies have no alternative left out instead of working remotely. The suggestions for setting up your remote access will help you to attain quality and productivity efficiently. In this pandemic situation, it’s necessary to adopt cloud services and avail the benefits of remote working to save your businesses and sustaining business continuity.

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