The Importance of coding in web designing

Code is the DNA of our digital world. Every website, mobile application, operating systems, and even electric cars rely on codes to function. Ergo, coders and web designers are often called the architects of the digital age.

Without having the architect draw out the house, you cannot build it appropriately. Same as with web designing, knowing what your final website will look like makes the workflow and web development easier.

Designing and coding are both parts of web development. Until you have a well-designed website, you may not be able to do coding skillfully. While this process needs creativity to go hand in hand, we must accept the fact that not all web designers are programmers.

In this article, we are going to deep dive into the importance of coding in web design.

Why is coding a good web design important?

Why is coding important

The quality of design is a representation of a business or to grow your brand, for this reason, a well thought and neat website is essential. The goal is to keep the visitors on your website and influence them to explore more. The longer they stay, the more they learn about the business which could potentially increase sales and brand awareness. Having a web design also helps the business on being credible whatever the industry they are part of. It allows engagement and serves as an effective platform for communicating and connecting the brand with customers and clients.

A bad-looking website can damage a business’s reputation and will fail to provide favorable customer service. If a visitor can’t easily navigate and find what they came to the website for, chances are they will never give your website another visit. A website with a straightforward and user-friendly page attracts and allows an effortless experience for the visitors.

With today’s abundant online resources, you can easily get an idea or learn how to design web pages. However, designers are responsible for the overall look of the website, coders on the other hand are essential to bring these designs to reality.

What do web designers and web developers code?

Being a web designer may mean different things to different people. For some, it represents the designers and graphic artists while for others it means someone skilled in coding, and for most, they are both. While there is an infinite list of the definitions and roles of a web designer, to simplify, there are two categories they usually fall into – front-end developers and back-end developers.

Front-end developers are often termed, web designers. They specifically work on designing the website – what they see when they visit, the theme, font pairings, colors, and overall layout with the help of coding languages. They focus on how to create an attractive web design while also providing a positive end-user experience. On the other hand, back-end developers add functions to everything the front-end designers create. They are responsible for creating scripts that will store, maintain, and ensure that everything on the front end is running smoothly. Ultimately both developers use code to accomplish their functions.

Why is coding important in web design?             

Web designers and developers are generally tasked with building a website from scratch. They should have the skills and knowledge to use the language they work with such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, or SQL; in this case, they should know how to code.

Coding gives you control

Coding gives you control

Coding gives you the ability to control how your design will look on a website and to communicate instructions when an action has been performed. It gives you the freedom to design the site and introduce features that fit specifically with your needs. Moreover, it also enhances your problem-solving skills. As you code, you start to plan and identify which doesn’t work and adjust accordingly.

Coding matches visual design with function

Coding Matches Visual design with function

The form should always meet its function, everything you need to know is coding. Coding allows a website to go far beyond aesthetics. A button when clicked should behave the way it is intended to in the same manner a drop-down button should provide a list of options when selected. A good visual design delivers the right message to visitors while a functional design controls the user experience. Ultimately, your efforts in making your website look engaging will all go down the drain if it is not functional.

Coding helps you maintain your website

Coding helps to maintain your website

Web development does not only revolve around design, it also involves maintaining websites, data management, documentation, and expanding to name a few. Depending on the extent of the website project, a developer should write a well-designed and efficient code by using best coding practices. Coding keeps your website consistent and up to date. It is also given that a big part of maintaining a website is fixing bugs. If developers are equipped with proper programming languages, they should be able to troubleshoot and fix bugs in no time.

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