How much does it cost to design a website for small business

In the tech liable world of today, if you wish to start any sort of business, you will need an online platform as a storefront for the trade. In simple words, to begin with, a business, whether it be small or big, you need to have online access in the form of a website. The blog is to explain how much does it cost to build a website for a small business.

So you need to think about why to invest in professional web design?

Investing in professional website design

In this article, we will be focusing on the least requirement of investment that you will need to make to get a website for a small business in the United States of America.

To begin with, let us take an approximate cost that you may have to pay for getting a website for your small business. On average, small businessmen spend around $2000 to $12,000 to build a website. The variations in the costs for different websites depending on the features of the site. Websites with more custom-built components and more trendy features cost more due to their complex designs and features in general.

So if you do not know much about how much it costs to build a site for a small business, this article is going to be very useful to you. You will get detailed information about how to make a reliable investment on your business’s website.

The article will be pondering on the following points

  • Factors that determine the cost of your web designing.
  • What will you cost for the maintenance of your website?
  • What should you choose- website builder or top web design agency?

Let us begin with the above-mentioned points in detail.

Factors that determine the cost of your website designing

Factors determining cost of your website design

Creating a website is not a single process. It includes different tasks and each task costs separately. The process includes the purchase of a domain name and a hosting plan for the website, designing, and building of the website. The basic factor determining the cost for your website is what sort of features you expect for your site. Apart from this, the cost for your site will depend on its size and complexity.

How Much Will Your Site Cost You?

How much will your site cost you

  1. Domain Name

    The domain name of your site can be defined as an online street address of you. For example, Amazon resides at – is the domain name of the online mart website. So once you ask for designing a website you will have to first get a domain name for your company which, in general, will be identical to your company’s name just like it was in the case of Amazon. Getting a domain name for the website of your business may cost you around $0.95 to $12 per domain. You can get your domain name from different companies like Dreamhost, GoDaddy, and HostGator.

  2. Website Hosting

    If your domain defines your online street address, then the website hosting will tell about your online power company. The basic need of website hosting is to turn on the company’s storefront light in the online world.  The website hosting will cost you $24 to $120/ year. If you get a shared site hosting, this will enable your company to share the server with many other websites. So the shared website hosting costs you less. Though the shared site hosting comes with limited server resources, it works well for the websites of small businesses. If you face a problem with the slow site due to limited resources, you may upgrade your plans.

  3. Secure Socket Layer Certification

    Secure Socket Certificate or SSL is required to keep the user’s data secure. You will need the certificate for the safe functioning of the business’s website. The SSL certificate is also responsible for binding the domain name and the server name together. Purchasing an SSL Certificate can cost you about 1500 per year. You can also go for SSL Certificate subscription plans to secure your website.

  4. Designing of the Site

    If you wish to attract customers you need to have a catchy website. For this, the design of your website is important. But for small businesses, the cost for the designing of a site may vary depending upon your expectations.  You might wish to get a high-tech and cutting edged website or you might wish to have a simple and tacky site. The web designing agency will charge you according to the design you wish for your business’s site. The basic areas where you will need a touch-up while designing are- the homepage, the service or product page, and the contact page. This is the reason why the cost of designing your websites varies from $2000 to $15,000 but for websites for small businesses, the cost would not reach up to $15,000.

  5. Size

    When we talk about the size of a website, we are discussing the number of pages of the particular website. Let us discuss the sizes of various websites on average. For an e-commercial website, the size might go up to 100 pages. For a service-based company, the size can be less than 10 pages, the website of an online mart can have 50-60 product pages – depending on the different needs of the different websites. The costs will also vary depending on the size of the website. The cost can range starting from $1000 to $5000 for a site of 50 pages which is sufficient for small businesses.

  6. The functionality of the website

    The functionality of the website has a key role to play. After ensuring the security, size, and design of your website you need to focus on the features on which the website of your small business will work. The cost of web design for the functionality of the site ranges from $2000 to $25,000.

  7. Content management system

    The content management system or the CMS is an application that manages the web content – content editing and publishing. For a website of a small business, the CMS, like WordPress, might cost in the range between $2000- $25,000.

Above were the costs for getting a website for a small business in the USA.

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