how to make painting in minecraft

Paintings in Minecraft are small rectangular pieces of art usually placed on solid blocks for decorative purposes. Paintings in Minecraft are 26 in total with most of them being based on actual paintings by Kristoffer Zetterstrand. The paintings come in different sizes, up to 4X4 blocks, and shapes to fit various tastes. When placing a painting, Minecraft will check and display the largest space available then display a random painting of the same size. Paintings can also be used to conceal secret rooms. Minecraft paintings are transparent, count as entities and are non-flammable.

About Painting in Minecraft

painting in minecraft

Crafting a painting can use any color of wool. The color used does not affect the picture chosen since once placed, a random painting is displayed. To place a painting, you only need to right-click on a surface. The size of the painting varies, with some being larger than others.

Minecraft paintings can only be placed on vertical surfaces. Minecraft has 26 paintings with the smallest measuring 16×16 pixels and the large ones measuring 64×64 pixels. The small ones will only cover one block while the large ones cover 4×4 blocks.

Types of Minecraft Paintings

Paintings in Minecraft are of different types depending on the pixels’ size. They include;

  • 1×1 paintings – they measure 16×16 pixels, fitting on 1×1 blocks. They are seven in number.
  • 2×1 paintings – they fir on 2×1 blocks and measure 32×16 pixels. There five of these.
  • 1×2 paintings – they are two in number, measuring 32×16 pixels and fit on 2×1 blocks.
  • 2×2 paintings – being six in number, they measure 32×32 pixels and fit on 2×2 blocks.
  • 4×2 paintings – this measures 64×32 pixels and fits in a 4×2 block. Its only one.
  • 4×3 paintings – there are two of these, measuring 64×48 pixels, fitting on 4×3 blocks.
  • 4×4 paintings – being the largest paintings, they measure 64×64 pixels and fit on 4×4 blocks.

Step by Step Guide to Make a Painting in Minecraft

steps to make paintings in minecraft

Making paintings in Minecraft is very simple. Don’t know how to? Well, don’t fret. Follow these simple steps to craft a painting in Minecraft;

1. Find the Materials

To make a painting, you will need wool of any color. Using a pair of shears, shear a sheep to obtain the wool. Choose any color of wool you want.

2. Find Sticks

The next step is to craft eight sticks from wooden planks.

3. Crafting

how to make a painting in minecraft

Open your Minecraft’s crafting table. Add the 8 sticks and wool to the grid. Place three sticks on the first row of the grid, on the second row add one stick followed by wool and then one stick. On the bottom row, add the three remaining sticks. After adding the materials, a painting appears on the box to the right.

4. Move the Painting to the Inventory

After crafting the painting, drag it down to your inventory then hang it.

5. Hanging the Painting

Right-click on any flat and vertical surface like a wall while holding the painting. Minecraft paintings are only placed on vertical walls. To make your painting appear brighter, place them to face north/south direction. Placing the paintings to face east/west direction makes them appear dull and darker.

6. Making a Secret Passage Using Paintings

Making a secret passage helps you play tricks to fool your competitors. To make a secret passage, you only need two signs, a wall and the painting. Depending on the size you want, make either a 1×2 or 2×2 hole on the wall you want the passage placed. Place the signs on the blocks sides then place the painting on the signs. To get a fitting painting will take you a few attempts but it will eventually fit.

How to Make a Custom Painting in Minecraft?

Many are times you will come across unique custom paintings by other players making you wonder how they make them. Worry not! Making a custom painting is relatively simple. Custom paintings make your Minecraft home unforgettable and unique.

To make a custom painting, you will need to replace the original paintings with new images. You need to have installed WinRAR extraction software and a photo editing tool. You will have to find the app folder on your computer before you start the game and replace the paintings. Add images and photos of your choice as well as create new ones and screenshot to add them to Minecraft later.

Finding right Folder on Your PC

From your PC, look for a folder named “%appdata%”. On this folder look for the Minecraft app and open the folder containing the pre-installed paintings. Most players get stuck when looking for this folder. Follow these steps to identify the folder;

  • On your keyboard press the Win tab together with R (Win+R)
  • From the dialogue box that pops up, type in “%appdata%” and click okay. You can also hit “Enter” once on your keyboard.
  • The folder opens displaying all the items it contains. Click on the folder labelled “Roaming”. It might take you some while scrolling down to find the folder. Simply click Ctrl+F on your keyboard and type in “Roaming” then hit enter to access the folder quickly.
  • Double click on the “Roaming” folder and select minecrarft.jar folder. To open it, right-click and select WinRAR to open the folder.
  • Select “art” folder, double click to access a file labelled kz.png and copy it to your desktop.
  • On the photo editing software, open the copied file.
  • You will notice a file containing pink cubes appear. Select the image you want to add and place it over the existing image you want replaced. Resize the image to fit the original painting.
  • A new image kz.png will be created. Save the image and replace original painting in the art folder.
  • follow the above process to check if the new image has been saved.
  • Run Minecraft again and hang the newly added painting.

Repeat the above steps to replace any of the twenty-six paintings in Minecraft.

In Summary

Paintings will make your structures more decorative and lively. Minecraft offers you 26 different art pieces to choose from. Apart from decorating your structure, you can use a painting to create a secret passage in your buildings. Easily customize your paintings using the above process.

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