Lip Gloss name ideas

The beauty industry has seen considerable growth over the years. Today, most women use lip gloss, and starting this business venture could be very rewarding. If you cannot get the products yourself there is always an option to team up with lip gloss merchants to sell their products.

Requirements for starting a lip gloss business

Depending on how you want to start a lip gloss business is very versatile. You can branch out and try selling the popular brands, work as an affiliate or create your unique brand. Venturing into this kind of business will offer the greatest of challenges. But when everything works out as planned you are sure to get high rewards.

Starting this business will require you to have at least a few hundred different types of lip gloss. After the products have arrived you have the freedom to choose how to sell them. You can do it online or in a store.

LipGloss Business

Ensure your products follow the required FDA guidelines and are safe. Selling cosmetics from reputable brands guarantees the products you are selling have been approved by the FDA. However, if you make these products yourself you have to ensure that they are safe and meet the requirements.

Ensure that you use correct labeling any coloring you add to your product has to pass the approval test.

Register your business

Business registration is key. Do your research and know the type of business you want to start. Different forms of businesses require different types of legal requirements. This will ultimately be decided by the budget you are running on. You can start slow and as the business grows you upgrade.

Once you are done with the registration process and you have obtained a trade certificate check with the FDA to find out if there are other required licenses.

Lip Gloss Name Ideas

Make a business plan

Ensure that you develop a business plan that is clear with the details on how the business will run properly stated. Having a business plan ensures that all things run well and u do not miss a step in executing your laid-out goals and achievements.  

Promote the business

This will be influenced by how you plan on setting up the business. If you plan on setting up a shop then the marketing strategy will be slightly different from when you exclusively plan on selling the items online.

Make it Online

Selling online will significantly reduce the costs of starting up the business. The costs of paying rent on a physical store are eliminated. You need to source for a professional web developer to build you an attractive website that has an easy interface.

Lip Gloss Business Name Ideas

However, if you are not looking to dig deep in your pockets and want a cheaper alternative. Some tools will enable you to create websites with little technological know-how. The easy drag and drop setup will get your website running in little time.

Take pictures of your products and post them on social media. For more clicks and engagements you can run the ads as per the social media site. These ads will specify the specific target audience and ensure your product is advertised to your desired audience.

Any mentions on your social media posts should be linked back to your website.


Deciding to open a physical store is lucrative if you find the best location. A good location will attract plenty of buyers. If you find such a location then you are in luck. However, the costs incurred in starting this kind of business are huge as you have to think of the cost for setup, rent, internal decor, and other utilities.

A website is a good way to rack up sales having a physical store does not necessarily mean you cannot promote your business online.

1000+ Lip Gloss Business Name Ideas

Business names are an important part of any business identity. The name says it all and will be the differentiating factor between you and your competitors. When choosing a name ensure the names have an appeal to the customer.

The best way to create a business name is to ensure that the name sounds great and is brand-friendly. If you are struggling to find a name that works for you there are a variety of names generating software that will give you free names.

Lip Gloss company name ideas

Below are samples of beautiful lip gloss names sampled from the internet to give you a rough idea of where to begin.

Luscious lips

Lip rocks

Shinny Grin

Lip Kits

Lip Love

Supple Smile

Lip Impact

Cosmetic lips

Layers of Lipstick

Smudge-free lips

Bold you

FIERY nights

Chic lips

Lipstick Queen

Exquisite Lips



Lip bar

Color mix

Color vision


Lip Fix

Lip Bliss

Always color

Lip Lab

Shade me in

Play with shade

Shade grenade

Kiss of life











Lip lore


Shine Bright

Lover’s lips

Nothing Nice



Lip pro

Nightout Pout



Lost lips

Glossy Glam

Get glammed

Pretty pouts

Bold and Beautiful

Sexy Talk

Base building Lipstick

Layers of stick

Tight Lipped

Loving Lips

Let Go Lips

Lined Lips

Moisture Maven

Final touches


Nothing nice

Kiss kiss




Lip gloss business is more than the product. Many customers view it as a confidence booster as well as a personal care product. When choosing the name, give the customers a sense of what you intend them to feel when they are using your product.

Lip Gloss Business

Here are the things to consider?

  • Create a virtual picture with the name. Let them get a visual representation of the feel, smell, and look.
  • Ensure your name is original. If the obvious words are taken then try creative names by merging certain names to come up with attractive original names.
  • Before using a name, make sure you have thought about it well. Come up with a catchy name.
  • You must seek feedback from potential customers on what business name sounds best. The potential customers will most likely give very honest opinions.

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