Top 10 Best Business Ideas in Kerala to Start in 2021

Starting any business in Kerala can be a daunting task that requires dedication and true effort. Everybody wants to be successful and live a beautiful life. Most people have this negative notion that being successful means that you have to work at top companies with high-paying salaries.

Starting your own business will undoubtedly give you freedom and independence. Everything runs on your terms and you do not have to answer anybody. People fear venturing into this lucrative market for fear of failure.

Starting a business in Kerala is easy and straightforward. There are countless opportunities to venture into and you only require identifying which will work best for you. Financial independence comes from taking risks and we will walk this journey together to ensure you identify the best business idea to start.

Business Ideas in Kerala

Kerala offers the best business platform for business start-ups. The many institutes and industries have paved the way for the creation of jobs and utilization of the resources available. With the perfect plan and strategy, a start-up business can do relatively well.

Kerala is the fastest growing city in India and this means there are limitless opportunities to start and have a successful business. Before starting any business you first have to ensure that certain things are achieved. Here are some factors to consider that will get your business to profitability in no time.

  • Passion

Doing a business you enjoy works out best than trying to emulate what others are doing. Having a passion for what you do makes you connect with your business on another level. Customers can sense your passion for the business and will surely return the favor by being regulars. Be patient even when things are not working out quite as planned. Everything will work best in its own time.

  • Identify a problem and find a solution

Providing a solution to an existing problem will get all the attention of you. Capitalize on this opportunity and use it to make a profit. The smartest entrepreneurs look at what is lacking, see the opportunity and take it with both hands. Every business should offer a solution to customers.

  • Business plan

This is essential to any business start-up. It will ensure you stay on your toes as you aim to achieve your set goals. The business plan ensures that you have a proper structure that you can follow as your business grows step by step. It can highlight:

  • The business purpose
  • Target audience
  • How to solve a specific problem with the idea you have
  • Where the business will be located
  • Competition from other businesses
  • Investment needed
  • Revenue model to be followed

Business Ideas in Kerala to Start in 2021

This is why the business plan will give you an added advantage as you can follow a well-planned routine and your business is well managed.

  • Do not chase money

Most people give up easily when things don’t work out as they envisioned. They set unrealistic goals and when everything they planned is not working out they quit. Businesses require patience and hard work. That’s the only true way to improve your sales and revenue.

 10 business ideas to start in Kerala

  1. Fast food delivery service

Kerala city has a high population and the high number of colleges and other institutions means that there are a huge number of people with no time for cooking. You can capitalize on this opportunity and offer food delivery services to these people.

Fast food delivery service


  1. Commercial cleaning services

With the majority of the population in Kerala going to work and school, the time to clean up is fairly limited. Starting is easy as you only need to go from door-to-door and promote your services. You will surely land someone in need of cleaning. You will slowly start getting calls from referrals and your business will pick up slowly.

Commercial cleaning services


  1. Event management

Parties are organized in Kerala. Before venturing into this kind of business ensure that you are well connected with caterers, decorators, and any other people that work in this field. If you land a multinational company you only need to handle the arrangement of everything as they will fund the whole thing. This will mean that you can start even on a low budget.

Event management


  1. Coffee shop

Everybody requires to quiet down their minds. Coffee shops provide the ideal environment for students and professionals to re-energize after a long day. This is why the demand for coffee has shot up in Kerala. The investment is also not that huge as you only need a prime location to establish.

Coffee shop


  1. Grocery shops

Every household uses grocery and you are guaranteed that the market for this product is readily available. Once your business begins to pick up you can start taking online orders and set up a small distribution center.

Grocery shops


  1. Hostels for students and professionals

Kerala houses many students from around the country. If you have a home or apartment you can lease it and you will be ensured that it will fill up fast as the demand for housing is high.

Hostels for students and professionals

  1. Photography and videography

In today’s world where a phone is a reliable tool for pictures, you might be tempted to think that this is not a lucrative idea. This notion is wrong as people still seek the services of professional photographers. High-profile events are organized in Kerala and you will surely get a sweet gig if you are persistent.

Photography and videography


  1. Boutique

Kerala people are known for their fashion sense. They love a stylish lifestyle and keeping up with the latest trend. If you have a strong fashion sense then try opening a boutique and you will see the unlimited potential of this business.



  1. Garage business

Kerala is a vast city. There are working professionals in every corner of the city which means lots of cars that require servicing and mechanical checkups. If you have this skill, consider venturing into this market.

Garage business

  1. Storage services

Most small-scale businesses operating in Kerala have a small rental space. They cannot store their goods in the space and they require a convenient storage location. If you are capable you can provide such a space and charge fees for every space occupied.

Storage services


These are the best business ideas you can get started in Kerala and start earning more money.

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