Top 25 Business Ideas in India to Start in 2021

Jobs in India are getting scarce. The number of graduates roaming the streets is becoming alarming. However, this is not the end of the road for anyone looking to make money and grow wealth. There are countless opportunities and businesses that one can start with little or no capital.

Owning a business will give you stability and independence. The Indian government is constantly advocating for people to venture into their businesses to ease the unemployment burden.

Business Ideas in India to Start in 2021

With Covid-19 hitting most businesses hard, people shied from investing in some businesses as the regulated rules and measures set to handle this pandemic made it hard for businesses to thrive.

The 25 best business ideas that you can do in 2021

  1. Affiliate marketing

This field is always on the rising trend. With internet usage surging high online transactions are increasingly on the high and as an affiliate marketer you can earn commissions based on products on your website or blog.

Affiliate marketing will entail:

  • Promoting products or services on your preferred social media channel or website
  • Getting paid a percentage of every sale you make through your link

Affiliate marketing

  1. Blogging

This business idea will require very little investment. You need to find out what you are passionate about and just share it with the rest of the country. If the audience likes your content they will keep visiting your blog and there’s where you monetize and capitalize on the traffic.


To stay active and profitable you need to:

  1. Courier services

This is a simple business. You simply just have to pick up and drop off parcels to the location specified. You are paid according to the service offered and your determination is your key to success.

Courier services

  1. Social media manager

If you have a grasp of technology and know a few things about getting followers on social media then you should consider going professional. Companies are in constant search of individuals that can boost their brand’s awareness.

Social media manager

You are required to:

  1. Online tutor

Tutoring jobs are available on different platforms. You are required to conduct classes online and you get paid on an hourly basis.

Online tutor

  1. YouTube

If you feel creative in any niche, you can launch your YouTube channel and explore the endless possibilities. Once you achieve the threshold required you can earn money from the ads and views you get. The amount you can earn from this will depend on the effort you put into producing quality content.


  1. Photography

Get a good camera and learn the photo editing software. People are constantly looking for professional photographers and you can hardly go wrong with this business.


  1. Warehouse

Most businesses have limited storage room and you can open a spacious warehouse for them to store their products. You can charge daily, weekly, or monthly depending on what you prefer.


  1. Freelance writing

Various platforms allow Indian users to register to their websites and bid on projects where they can work on them. You are guaranteed flexible hours and you can work with anyone from around the globe.

Freelance writing

  1. Proofreading

If you are proficient in the English language then you can get a proofreading job. You will be required to accurately edit articles and correct all grammatical mistakes and ensure the article is readable.


  1. Logo designer

Use your skills to make cash. You can create logo designs for companies or even enter logo design competitions and compete for prices.

  1. Web designer

With many people owning websites the demand for web designers has shot up. The good thing is that you do not need to know coding and all those techie stuff to know how to create a website. It is easier nowadays with tools that help you achieve this in no time.

Web designer

  1. Mobile phone repair

Smartphone usage has been on the increase and people are constantly looking to rapier their screens or replace the battery. Phone service repair is a lucrative business, especially in towns.

Mobile phone repair

  1. Plumbing services

Pipe breakages and water spillage are a common occurrence in India and if you are skilled at plumbing then opportunities will never lack.

Plumbing services

  1. Electrical maintenance

Electrical faults could result in huge losses. If you are skilled then start this company.

  1. Electrical maintenanceFurniture repairs

Sofas and chairs break all the time, if you are skilled in carpentry then this is the business for you.  

Furniture repairs

  1. Garage

The number of cars available needs servicing and repairs a garage would be ideal in cities.

Garage business

  1. Fashion boutique

India has an appetizing need for fashion and class open a boutique and sell quality clothes.

  1. Cab services

Join the ever-existent cab business. With as like Uber you are assured of an income.

Cab services

  1. Liquor shop

This business will surely attract customers. They will seek you out in search of this commodity.

Liquor shop

  1. Book store

Equip the book shop with all types of books for students, kids, storybooks, etc.

Book store

  1. Network marketing

You need to get products from reputable brands whose products are on-demand to make a consistent profit.

Network marketing

  1. Babysitting

Most working-class professionals are always looking for individuals to babysit their children. You can venture into this niche and see how it works for you.


  1. Caring for pets

Some pet owners will pay to have their pets washed, fed and some dog owners will even pay you to walk the dog.

Caring for pets

  1. Stamps and coins

Collecting stamps and coins from different countries and location is one of the profitable business strat-ups.

Stamps and coins

These are some of the best business ideas to start in India and make more money.


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